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Sinister Tyrants |NA|PVE|PVP|Crafting|Adult|

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Posted 2-8-2024 22:01:06

- Looking for an adult guild in which you won't just be a number?

- Do giant zerg-like blob guilds piss you off?

- Do you want to be able to claim victory against all odds?

- Would you rather be a part of a gaming family that works together towards one goal, rather than just a mule tapping nodes to make your leaders rich?

- Are you a pretty relaxed person who likes enjoying the game you play, rather than making it a job?

- Does leet speak and negativity piss you off?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, we may be the guild for you.

Many moons have passed since we originally began our love affair with MMORPGs.

Old school Ultima Online is where many in ST began their MMO journey. In 1997 we came together and have made appearances in most major MMOs along the way, often times changing the face of whatever server we played. Never in sheer force, or number ...but in guile, efficient slaughter, and knee-deep politicking. Even today it is unknown by most the things that went on behind the scenes in past games. Entire server wars began ....and ended, at the feet of the Sinister Tyrants. Simply dominant super-zergs dissipated by a simple seed planted here, and planted there.. set to bloom when the time was ripe. Friends and brothers at each others throat, accusatory looks cast this way and that, trust shattered, paranoia pervading everyone and everything.

Always the anti-zerg, unyielding in the face of greater numbers, and unflinching in the face of death. We are pushing for around 30 active members, men & women dive into the fray and shake up the world of Myth of Empires with us. We might not ever get the credit, but we'll always have the satisfaction of knowing the events that we help to foster!

Mature folks, with chill personalities are a MUST! We're a family here, and we run on a certain relaxed vibe, so we can't have that broken up by little leet chodes, or people with unbearable personality disorders. We value intelligence and common sense. (a good sense of humor is nice too) Also, while we won't rage/quit or cry like little girls if we lose ...we enjoy winning, and we do most of the time. We want winners on our team, though we are not elitists and welcome all skill levels ...we do need people with the right attitude. (a positive one!)

Many a day in the annals of our past, one would look out the window of our keep or guild house, only to see it surrounded by throngs of people out for blood ....our blood. It was like a breath of fresh air. And I must say it gave us pleasure dancing around the corpses of the slain, donning their garments in hopes that their spirit might see our mockery.

Ahhh, to have that feeling once more .....we hope to find it again here, in Myth of Empires.


We no longer require applications. Your application will be in the form of you getting in Discord and hanging out. If you are a relaxed, nice person, who can take direction when needed will likely stick. If your personality doesn't suit what we are looking for, we will go our separate ways. We are an adult guild, and some of us have the mouths of sailors, so we keep the kids at a minimum, though there may be a rare exception. (doubtful)

Newbs welcome. Please reply here if interested or hop in our Discord and msg Pariah. We highly prefer those who use voice comms, but we understand some prefer to chat it up in the discord chat rooms as well, and we are fine with that.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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