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41**** 2-21-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
There's not much to write about this topic, simply I'm excited about the whole game there wasn't muc ...
64 731
po****@gma Yesterday 21:59 new
Config private server
Hello, I have a private server, how can I configure the guild marker to renew decay protection for m ...
0 9
ma****@o Yesterday 00:21 new
Hey i want to know if theres a roadmap and will u add more music and ambient sounds to the game? An ...
0 40
vo****@gmail.c The day before yesterday 18:39 new
wrongful vac ban
i have recived a vac ban today but i do not and have never played on offical servers. i only play o ...
0 26
ya****@gmai The day before yesterday 03:28 new Administrator replied
Building Skins
when you put the corresponding building parts in the hot bar, it will show a 'skin box' above the ho ...
1 41
pc****@g 3 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
I am on official server. My building skins and NPC skins work fine, and can be equipped. But my ...
4 60
al****@gmail. 4 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
Wuan General Armor
The system will calculate your play hours and every 8 hour it gives one piece of the wuan general sk ...
1 70
jo****@gma 5 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
Twitch drops not working
Mine are not appearing and it has been four days now.
9 146
go****@mail 6 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
transferring an account from Vkplay to steam
cerraron pero no lo comunicaron y yo podia seguir jugando hasta ase poco ahora que piedo mi dinero ...
3 87
ty****@gmai 7 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
Cannot loot bodies?
Me too
2 115
ad****@hotm 2-21-2024
Aquí pongo mi discord para participar en el sorteo de llaves @Resnon Myth of Empires es un buen jue ...
0 133
mi****@gm 2-18-2024 Administrator replied
Game Freeze Problem After Switch from International Server
I have the same isue
2 101
ma****@gma 2-9-2024
Game freeze
You delivered such an impressive piece to read, giving every subject enlightenment for us to gain ...
4 161
ko****@gmail. 2-9-2024
Game Key?
Ouch! I just realised that the process never sends you the Steam Activation key by mail. So unless ...
2 263
AintnoDevil 2-7-2024 Administrator replied
Expansion for forum
Roger that sir, we will improve it in the future!
1 119
a.****@bigmir 2-2-2024 Administrator replied
lose your steam account and lose everything
Deleting your Steam account is a self-inflicted Steam issue.I think there's a grace period (30 day ...
2 319
ra****@g 2-2-2024 Administrator replied
Account email
I have the same issue with gmail from 2022. Before the Technical Support Team replied to me that t ...
2 204
agenstvokiev447 2-1-2024 Administrator replied
Understood. I’ll clarify in the version that is essentially still working 0.254, there are 2 serv ...
2 313
aj****@gmail 1-5-2024 Administrator replied
Hi there, thank you for your support! 1. Classic Era and New Era will have no relations at all. Tha ...
4 632
41**** 12-15-2023 Administrator replied
Future Gameplay Discussion Brainstorm vol.1
Hello, the tribute for the boundary marker is too short 14 days one forgotten week can brake down ...
10 1018


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