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41**** 2-21-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
There's not much to write about this topic, simply I'm excited about the whole game there wasn't muc ...
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ko****@gmail.c 5 day(s) ago new
Valhalla Community | PVE | 24/7 | Public | USA
Current server is PVE only. Will soon have an additional PVP server set up in a cluster. We also ho ...
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xf****@gma 7 day(s) ago new
VK play game buyers what now ?
Hello I need information on players that suported your company and buy the game from VK play are we ...
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go****@gma 2-1-2024
Attention roleplayers! Dynasty Roleplay is looking to populate our PvP RP server
Let me know if you are interested in joining a new PvP RP server that we are building out just in ti ...
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le****@gm 1-1-2024
Link Steam
The functionality to do so appears to have been pulled from the game client somewhere in December ...
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