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ca****@gmail 2-4-2023 Administrator replied
Cant write the digital code
The 6-digit PIN code means you have to put 6 numbers only in the boxes.
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ge**** 1-16-2023
Private server setting
Hello ! Tell me how to adjust the porosity of the field, where can I find these settings?
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me****@b 12-30-2022
Может кто-то сможет подсказать! Такая проблема создал ...
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gi****@e-arena 12-12-2022
Own the game through Steam and I want to make a server on remote location in ...
Hi, I have the game through steam as a pre-order if i recall correct, the game isn't on steam long t ...
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mc****@ho 11-26-2022
Simple Shed on Farm Disabled?
Found the solution, forgot it is lvl capped at 38, you have to learn the skill then.
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mc****@ho 11-25-2022
Custom Server Magistrate
Hello, When is it planned to implement the abillity to become Magistrate on Custom Servers? Or is t ...
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arthur.leloutre 11-24-2022 Administrator replied
I can't find my friend's private server
steam players and international players can not see each other's private servers. We are still worki ...
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adrian.gavalier 11-15-2022
How to fix High Ping on Private Server
hi have isue whit abnormal ping 500+ms on private server. PLS help me fix it
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hu****@gmai 11-7-2022
Suddenly can't start private server
Hy! I can't refund this game, pls help me.
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luke_protheroe9 10-10-2022
High Ping on Private Server
I only created a private server so I can play single player. If you don't plan on playing online, du ...
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f.****@gm 9-15-2022
BSP | International | x3
Приглашаем всех любителей PvP режимов MMO, RPG, стратегий в ...
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ki****@g 9-2-2022
Liliths Lustful Desires 5x PVE MoE Server NA
Server Name: Liliths Lustful Desires 5x PVE MoE Server NA[/backcolor] Server IP: ...
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ja****@ymai 9-1-2022
Tried to make a private server
hello. i just bought the game a couple days ago. i have been getting nothing but problems when i try ...
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ka****@gmail.c 8-29-2022 Administrator replied
Losing char stats
Can we talk on discord? You can join our discord server and talk to me ...
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ss****@gmai 9-1-2022 Administrator replied
Dedicated Server Help
So glad you solved the problem and thank you so much for your contribution! Please do not hesitate t ...
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reynord.gyllo.7 8-12-2022 Administrator replied
HOW define or remove limite boundary and build watchtower where i want ???
ok thx for your answer
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oc****@gma 8-5-2022 Administrator replied
Please describe your issue with the game here:
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jp****@gm 8-2-2022 Administrator replied
Market and server transfer
Private servers need a marketplace to facilitate intra-server trading. We perfectly understand tha ...
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