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41**** 7 day(s) ago Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
There's not much to write about this topic, simply I'm excited about the whole game there wasn't muc ...
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hendrikkooistra Yesterday 04:45 new
Dedicated Linux Server
Will the game get the ability to run on a linux dedicated server? Seeing windows is such a resource ...
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D-Rid 6 day(s) ago new
Key giveaway
Amazing game!!! I love playing and plan on having more accounts!! Love the new farming stuff! And m ...
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oc****@gmail. 2-20-2024
Character missing after transfer to steam
I play on a dedicated private server hosted by Citadel. The transfer from the international vanguard ...
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41**** 2-6-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Official Trailer Released and All V1.0 Reveals
Hey guys, as the Chinese New Year is approaching, we will have a long vacation from Feb 7 to Feb 17. ...
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f.****@outl 1-31-2024
why i cannot play multi accounts anymore?
updates to a
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hi****@ 1-29-2024 Administrator replied
Will you be able to bind your game to steam?
Yes, we are making account transfers now. If you purchased the game on the website, please apply f ...
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so****@hot 1-24-2024 Administrator replied
Missing Vital Tiger Cosmetic please submit a ticket via this link
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ek**** 1-22-2024
Laggy servers
If you don't improve the servers, who is going to come to play, if there is a lag of more than 1 or ...
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su****@free 1-19-2024
Trading post/Market connection failed
Workaround for me.... 0. Empty char, minimize risk 1. Commit suicide 2. Go to the trading post We ...
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er****@gma 1-14-2024
compre el juego
Hola, he usado para traducir así que perdonad mi español. Si compraste el juego antes y ...
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Dreadarm 1-14-2024
Dedi server Query protocol
Does anyone know the query protocol for getting game stats via the query port?
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b.****@posteo 1-13-2024
Download Game
It looks like they pulled the download links to the client some time ago.Maybe a buddy can share the ...
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ki****@g 1-12-2024
Steam/VS Webkey?
I'm not sure about being forced to buy it on Steam, unless you have a need for 2 copies? Anyway: ht ...
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ga****@hotma 1-2-2024
No Fastasy in this game
The game has always been marketed as a Fantasy game from the start. It's not even moving from low to ...
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jorge.fminguito 12-16-2023
Wipe on 1.0
Good afternoon everyone, Just one fast question, Will the game on the 1.0 release, have a wipe on t ...
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sb.lemaitrecu3e 12-16-2023
Basic ressources stronghold
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