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darkmasteriusak Yesterday 19:47 new
Problem with email
My game is in steam, I was not registered on the site. My game account and twitch are connected auto ...
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lukallus 12-18-2021 Administrator replied
Please send us a screenshot on discord: Or send us a ticket: https: ...
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Marikin 1-3-2022 Administrator replied
восстановить пароль
Please either send a ticket here: Or reach one of the ministers (including ...
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os****@inbox.r 3 day(s) ago new Administrator replied
Please either send a ticket here: Or reach one of the ministers (including me ...
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wolfernis 4 day(s) ago new
Roleplay x2 server ,all welcome, EU 40 slots steam/nosteam
Hey me and my bud are working on roleplay server ,its currently on 24/7,hosted of my pc,server n ...
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christiaan_scoo 5-1-2022 Administrator replied
My friend's server shows 0ms latency in the server list and i cannot join him
I recommend sending a ticket so you can talk directly to a dev and troubleshoot it ...
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ra****@gma 5-15-2022 Administrator replied
Servers Steam
About binding accounts, check out this link: ...
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artem.lipin.199 5-13-2022
[RU/EU] [EmpireFun] [X10] [Steam/No Steam]
We invite all PvP lovers in **Myth of Empires** to the new server **EmpireFun**, survival in the era ...
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artem.lipin.199 5-13-2022
[RU/EU] [EmpireFun] [X10] [Steam/No Steam]
Приглашаем всех любителей PvP в **Myth of Empires** на новом серв ...
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ki****@g 5-11-2022 Administrator replied
Server hosting?
zap hosting is still hosting private servers
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da****@timeques 5-10-2022 Administrator replied
Skins from the store on private servers
For now it's not possible
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sp**** 5-10-2022 Administrator replied
Did you set up your password? If you cant remember, either reach us on facebook/instagra/discord or ...
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na****@gm 4-4-2022
busco guild que hablen en español
busco guild pve, tengo bastante experiencia, estoy en un pvp, pero los chinos dan mucho asco, necesi ...
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Cerberus 12-27-2021 Administrator replied
Horse/ Mount Spirit Pill, Where/ When
When will the spirit pills be implemented in the game? it's really frustrating as a server owner of ...
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BabaYaga 5-5-2022 Administrator replied
the cloak is missing after death((
I mean, did you have it in your character inventory when you died?
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d.****@yan 3-3-2022 Administrator replied
Как купить
Спасибо большое за решение вопроса! Купил, скачиваю, з ...
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ex****@gmail.c 4-27-2022
I was top 7 in last week , won anti-queue item, used it, but i still sit in queue, wtf
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Calypso 4-26-2022
Estamos en los servidores de temporada pvp, juega con nosotros
ANONYMOUS CORP recluta nuevos miembros. Vamos a jugar las temporadas de pvp, tenemos muy buen roll ...
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Hemlocks 1-26-2022 Administrator replied
Performance issues are the gamers fault. I have over 1200 hours and it runs beautifully. When purc ...
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mb****@easinc 4-24-2022 Administrator replied
Cannot Use Building Skins on Steam Version
Check number 2 how to use them:
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