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do****@yah 3 day(s) ago new
disconnected from server 3.25.23
I am unable to find any information but I am getting error message: disconnected from server. Of cou ...
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te**** 2-27-2023 Administrator replied
Development terminated?
We are still here~Just focusing on what we have in our hands right now. If you got any game-related ...
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pa****@gmail. 2-18-2023
Cant Install Game
If you live in the united states you will have to use a vpn.
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bo**** 2-20-2023
Looking for Experienced players to ask questions
Hello! I'm looking for experienced players whom i can ask for advise or game functions. I have only ...
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od****@ 1-25-2023 Administrator replied
game development
Doesn't seem like it. Can't tell from News if anything has meaningfully been added in some time sadl ...
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ke****@h 2-17-2023 Administrator replied
problem since maintaince
Sorry for the trouble, can you send me the log file under E:\MOELauncher? it should look like "2023 ...
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vc****@gmail.c 2-15-2023 Administrator replied
Cannot install
Please try to install the game on an SSD or a larger hard drive, meanwhile close the VPN.
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mi****@mail. 2-11-2023 Administrator replied
launcher stuck
1. please install the game in a all-english installation path. 2. Install it on a SSD is highly reco ...
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ta****@ 11-30-2022
Steam purchase
I found an awesome free game that every gamer will love. Overwatch 2 is a game that will never finis ...
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ga****@hotma 1-23-2023 Administrator replied
Horses & Warriors from disable (old) server
Thank you for response. Any news on full release or DLC?
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kasperhiebertke 1-5-2023 Administrator replied
keep getting told my connect timed out
Is there not a better solution for connecting to the game? I'm trying to play on a custom server f ...
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ga****@hotma 12-28-2022 Administrator replied
The weekly guild marker donation cost & lower guild level
Hi, support team I just create a new guild at lvl 1. I don't even get any activity points after a d ...
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co****@outlo 12-28-2022
Continious updates required.
I don't have this issue. I can't comment for that. But it's all good if you get the game started ...
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hurley_dude_887 12-22-2022 Administrator replied
Login doesn't work.
Please use a VPN to log in the game. If you want a refund, please try to submit a request via paypal ...
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ar****@yahoo.c 12-3-2022 Administrator replied
Launcher connection timeout
Op you are awesome installed vpn from Switzerland and it started working! Thank you!
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an****@gmail 12-15-2022 Administrator replied
У меня пропали золотые монеты
Please provide more info about the issue and submit a ticket via this link, our customer service tea ...
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ga****@hotma 12-12-2022 Administrator replied
Guild marker on old server issue
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ea****@gmail. 12-10-2022 Administrator replied
как поднять уровень сервера
what is this setting called and where can i find it
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za****@ 12-12-2022 Administrator replied
Cant update game
Hi there, Can you find the .txt log file in your MoE launcher? E:\MOELauncher it should be look like ...
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BabaYaga 12-5-2022
Improve all the fields to the maximum.
And we also need beautiful slave girls who will pick grapes on the southern slope of the mountain. P ...
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