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Own the game through Steam and I want to make a server on remote location in ...

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Posted 12-12-2022 13:29:17
I have the game through steam as a pre-order if i recall correct, the game isn't on steam long time now and here is my problem.
I own a dedicated server which runs linux (debian 11.5 & ubuntu 22.10 in vm), every other game I own through steam it is pretty simple to get it through steamclient on the remote server but myth of empires? Oh boy!
I have managed to make it run once by uploading the files from my pc to the remote server, it took FOR EVER since I only have 10mbps upload and there are other people here who are using the internet so the 10mbps isn't dedicated bandwidth for the upload!
The game updates every now and then as it should but I can't keep up with the updates to be uploaded.
So what can I do? Local download on the server via steam isn't an option and downloading via your launcher isn't an option as well since I do not own the game through here.

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