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Liliths Lustful Desires 5x PVE MoE Server NA

Novice on the road






Posted 9-2-2022 15:11:17
Server Name: Liliths Lustful Desires 5x PVE MoE Server NA
Server IP:
Server Type: PVE
Server Admins: Lilith,Chow Yun Phat
Server Location: NA West

( Brief info )
The server was brought up by me after I could not find a relaxed community and all the 5x/10x PVE Servers have ceased to exist. and decided I wanted a place for me and a couple of friends. it's laid back no drama and it is adult 21+. please note our times as admins are wonky so if you are around when i'm on feel free to chat me up!

(Server Rates)

Server Rates: 5x during weekdays (10x during weekends)
Guild XP: 20X Rate and x100 Multi (Grinding a guild is less of a job)
Weight Multi: 30x players 30x mounts 25x carts
Player HP: 5X
Mount/Tamed HP: 5x
Mount Speed: 4x
Currency: 20x drop (250k starting coins)
Taming Speed: 5x

(Server Rules)

Max 2 Build Areas per not be excessive about base building.
No cheating/Exploiting.
No harassing players.
No advertising.
No disrespecting players. If you have an issue take it to dms.
No Spamming.
No Claiming more than one public farm - let others use it if you are not going to use it anymore!
Public Quarries are Fair game if you leave stuff expect it to be gone! however often vets will leave them running so noobs can pull the resources it's a great boost!


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