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Myth of Empires Update Preview After the Global Closed Beta Test

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Posted 11-17-2021 18:00:47
Since the debut of MOE in CBT, we've kept polishingthe game to provide you with a better game experience.
Today marks the day when MOE is officially announcing that SteamEarly Accesswill be available on the 18th of November. Let's see all the updates we've made so far.

I.           Gameplay
1. Added Novice Protection: below Lv.20, you will get a meager rate forFullness Loss and Stamina Loss, and you can revive on the spot (only in the PVEserver).
2. Increased the number of horse skills.You can Polish Horse Armor to decrease the horse armor's durability loss.
3. Now you can remove offline players inyour boundary markers and guild sphere.
4. Added Steam Achievements.

II Experience Optimization
Game Experience
1.    Optimized the main quest and EXP gain.
2.    Optimized the difference between main quests and side quests.
3.    Added a guide for how to add ExpertisePoints.
4.    Easier to spot the instructionto press “T”to toggle between wall and door while placing object.
5.    Now the first cross-server NPC's location will remainon the map.
6.    The low-tier boar won't run away when reaches low HP.
7.    Optimized the text description of thespinning wheel.
8.    Changed the deer quest requirement fromkilling a deer to killingany animal.
9.    Optimized the operation of the Campfire.Now by clicking "craft", the campfire will automatically beactivated.
10. Optimized the text description for thequest: "Build", changed to "Craft and place."
11. Optimized the text description for thequest: "UnlockBlueprint", changed to "Unlock crafting recipe."
12. More detailedinformation on some early level quests.
13. Easier to spot the notice about pressing "L" tocheck the quest info.

1. Adjusted the issue of shortcut conflict, optimizedshortcut's user experience.
2. Optimized the shortcut visibleness when you transfer, drop, or use items.
3. Added the shortcut "I"notice on the bottom-right for opening inventory.
4. Optimized the visibleness of when you can't put some weapons in thesidebar slot.
5. Now you add an item toyour sidebar bydouble-clicking it.
6. Added the function of right-clicking to drop items in your inventory panel.

1.    Optimized the space of the stable,increased its capacity.
2.    Optimized horse quality visibleness. You will identify high-tier horsesmore easily.
3. Adjusted the effect of carry weightand health playing on the horse's movement speed.
4. Increased Horse Summon Distance to 60meters.
1.    Optimized the rule of placing guildbuildings.
2.    Now you can select a guild by county inthe guild list.
3.    Now a guild without any online guildmembers in a week won't be shown in the guild list.
4.    Adjusted the authority of guildbuildings usage. If not locked,then only the authorized playercan use it. If locked, the authorized player can use it, and those withoutauthority should input the code before using it.
5.    Added the notice of "Authority Required" when the player can't usethe guild building.
6.    Added the Guild Donation List.
7.    Optimized the text description of GuildDepot and Fair.
8.    Now you can help your guild members toprovide food for the warriors in recruiting process.
9.    Added a notice to important guild members when the guild boundarymarker's protection time is not set.
10. Now you can Set This Week's Protectionif you forget.
11. Now you can check the guild boundarymarker's protection time for the current week and next week.
12. Optimized cross-server CD. The higherthe official title, the shorter the cross-server CD.
13. Optimized the UI of the official title'sskill level buff.
14. Optimized the building decay rule whentwo boundary markers' ranges are overlapped.
15. Added Alliance Authority: now, you can choosewhether you allow your ally to build near your building and within your guildboundary's protection.
16. Added Guild Boundary's Patrolling Timemark in the mini-map.

1.    Optimized the operation of placing thefoundations and city wall.
2.    Optimized the operation of buildingboulder walls.
3.    Reduced some steps requiring combined items to build advanced buildings.
4.    Reduced animal damage towards theplayer's building.
5. Now the cheval de fries, doors, and banners are not climbable.
6. Now you can see buildings with a number limit, such as a territorybanner on your map.
1.    Now when you catch a rabbit or fox witha trap, you can see their gender.
2.    Now you can see the exact damage numberwhen your character suffers falling damage.
3.    Introduced current online number and maxnumber to the server selection.
4.    When you open a warrior inventory, youcan check the warrior's name, level, quality, rarity, and EXP.
5.    Added an icon on the warrior's head sothat you can easily distinguish between players and warriors.
6.    When you can't teleport, you will be noticed about the location of the items thatcan't be teleported now.
7.    Hover over the Recipe icon and you cansee which type the Recipe belongs to.
8.    Optimized user guide of essential tools.
9.    Now you can check the Fullness ofwarriors bound on the torture rack.
10. Added "Under Maintenance"notice when the server is under maintenance.
11. Added "In CD" notice when thetreasure map is in cooldown status.
12. Optimized the description of ExpertisePoints, Proficiency, and Perk Points.
13. Added notice when you areover-encumbered.

1.    Optimized the operation of wieldingweapons when you are crouching.
2.    Now you can adjust your face directionwhen you are holding a shield with your left hand.
3. Added combat operation option, you can choose between a 4-direction mode and a 8-direction mode.
4. Optimized the operation when you use a sickle to collect grass.
1.  Lowered the required characterlevel to unlock Clay Foundation Recipe.
2.  Adjusted the required characterlevel to unlock Rabbit Pen.
3. Lowered the required characterlevel to unlock Well Recipe.
4.  Lowered the required characterlevel to assign warriors to farmland.
5.  Added new recipes for allplayers.
6. Lowered the required character levelof Grilled Fish Recipe.

1.    Navigation Optimized.
2.    Added visual effects for defeating, nowyou will get better feedback when defeating an enemy.  
3.    Increased the value of drop-offs gainedfrom killing higher-tier NPCs.
4. Lowered the Bears' movement speed.
5. Added False Daisy.
6. Optimized animals' spawning place, thus preventing them from beingstuck.
7. Improved the bleeding effect.
8. Increased the durability of the animal's pen
9.  Now you can gain huntingproficiency by assigning NPC to the animal's pen.
10. Assign warriors to the animal's pen cangain you hunting proficiency.
11.  Now you can gain huntingproficiency through fishing.
12.  Now you can gain plant EXP whenyou plant new crops.
13.  Now your soil's moisture will beincreased when it's raining.
14.  The county battle rule has changed. Now allied guilds can join the countybattle together.

III     Art/SoundOptimization

Art Effect
1.    Improved the texture and color of trees,bushes and stones.
2.    Improved the performance of snow in thesnow mountain.
3.    Improved performance of some plants.
4.    Improved the performance of rain, addedripples to the river when it's raining.

Sound Effect
1. Introduced more distinctive NPCvoices.
2. Improved the sound performance of the NPCs.

IV     Localization
Added French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech,Japanese, Polish, and Portuguese versions. There are improvements for thelocalization, and we would like to invite you to help us make it even better.

V       BUGFixes
1. Fixed a bug that whenthere is a wall between the player and the horse, the player can ride the horsethus passing through the wall.
2. Fixed a bug that when theplayer prepared enough fodder in stable inventory, but the noticekeeps telling the horseis hungry.
3. Fixed a bug that when theFullness of a foal is 0, itwon't eat food.
4. Fixed a bug that theplayer can't charge when riding a horse while opening a map.
5. Fixed a bug that causes taminghorse efficiency to be stuck.
6. Fixed a bug that thehorse is easily stuck in the mountain when it follows the player down a hill.

1. Fixed a bug that causedactivating [Quick Pursuit I] without notice.
2. Fixed a bug that caused theplayer not being able to use [Perceptive Eye] to identify a warrior.

1.    Fixed a bug that caused some plants to float in the air.
2.    Fixed a bug that caused the character tobe stuck in some corners.
3.    Fixed a bug that caused the wall to be floating in the air.

1.    Fixed a bug that once a character is deleted, its namecan't be used.
2.    Fixed a bug that melee combat will causeclipping.
3.    Fixed a bug that on shootingtime of archers.
4.  Fixed a bug that some items canbe stacked.
5.  Fixed a bug that under someconditions, the total price in trading post wouldn't be shown.
6.  Fixed a bug that whenthe player recruited a warrior and dismissed him right away, it could make the torture rack to be occupied.
7.  Fixed a bug that BoundaryMarker Protection Time can't be set.
8.   Fixed a bug that the ballista on the fort gatedidn't show entirely during the county battle.


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