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41**** 2-21-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
o the developers of Myth of Empires, I am writing to you today as a professional music composer spec ...
66 17233
jo****@gma 2-24-2024 Administrator replied
Twitch drops not working
Hello, I opened another ticket, it's been over a month and even with your intervention I still hav ...
19 6356
fr****@ 3-6-2024 Administrator replied
Can't connect to the servers : Connection timed out !
I have the same connection error.
14 6275
41**** 12-15-2023 Administrator replied
Future Gameplay Discussion Brainstorm vol.1
Hello, the tribute for the boundary marker is too short 14 days one forgotten week can brake down ...
10 2738
ty****@gmai 2-22-2024 Administrator replied
Cannot loot bodies?
Looking for a solution.
10 3507
mi****@gm 2-18-2024 Administrator replied
Game Freeze Problem After Switch from International Server
Est-il encore possible d'obtenir Myth of Empire sans payer à nouveau ? Je l'ai acheté lors de sa ...
5 1281
pc****@g 2-26-2024 Administrator replied
Hello there. Do we have any updates regarding this issue? I've been trying to change/restart/de-a ...
5 2526
aj****@gmail 1-5-2024 Administrator replied
Hi there, thank you for your support! 1. Classic Era and New Era will have no relations at all. Tha ...
4 1331
ry****@gmail 6-3-2024 Administrator replied
Old Myth Accounts
Disgusting service from the support team i brought this to suuport when they where removed form s ...
4 1211
iLyndrathyl 2-29-2024 Administrator replied
Game Breaking Issue.
it works now. Maybe because i did send steam id in the ticket or an update.
8 2201
st****@gmail.c 3-11-2024 Administrator replied
Charakter Dead by login, twice!
Hi!If I quit the game in the woods and go to sleep in real life, will I be dead the next time I lo ...
4 984
go****@mail 2-23-2024 Administrator replied
transferring an account from Vkplay to steam
So people that missed your email about transfering account have just lost their money? Rico (In Pr ...
4 1042
averageamerican 3-2-2024 Administrator replied
Bug again 2x now im done
watch your log, where you see your personal stuff. Im sure you starved to death, cause your situatio ...
3 1064
ga****@hotma 5-17-2024 Administrator replied
End-game content suggesttion (Must see)
Setting up the area is a time-consuming and involved task. Boss NPC and his bodyguard (only NPC with ...
3 1077
ja****@gm 4-8-2024 Administrator replied
Rabbit Pen output is invisible. WHY?
I had the same isse like this.
3 1418
po****@gma 2-28-2024 Administrator replied
Config private server
Do you know tell me which option, I didn't find it in the settings
2 1018
agenstvokiev447 2-1-2024 Administrator replied
Understood. I’ll clarify in the version that is essentially still working 0.254, there are 2 serv ...
2 1019
ma****@o 2-28-2024 Administrator replied
We are working on it, please stay tuned
2 824
vo****@gmail.c 2-27-2024 Administrator replied
wrongful vac ban
i did that but i did not get a reply only the auto confirm i sent the msg (this was 3 days ago) si ...
2 743
ma****@gma 2-9-2024
Game freeze
You delivered such an impressive piece to read, giving every subject enlightenment for us to gain ...
4 768
ko****@gmail. 2-9-2024
Game Key?
Ouch! I just realised that the process never sends you the Steam Activation key by mail. So unless ...
2 859


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