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an****@y 3-11-2022 Administrator replied
Unbekannter Fehler (31014)
Hallo ja das Problem besteht weiterhin
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ju****@gm 3-10-2022 Administrator replied
Weapon Swing animation in first person
Hi, unfortunately, no such feature yet
1 264
TRIADANCH 1-12-2022 Administrator replied
Please clarify the situation
Please send a ticket so the gms can take a look into the situation:
5 1027
dh****@ 3-11-2022 Administrator replied
Trouble entering the game
Hi, please either send us a ticket here or send us a dm on Facebook/Instagram ...
1 280
Ynfi 12-12-2021
KuLuNgUeLeS busca gente !!!
Buenas seguis activos? Actualizar invitación please
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an****@gm 3-9-2022 Administrator replied
Private Server Hosts
Try out Tencent and OVH
1 472
je****@boerde-l 3-8-2022 Administrator replied
Server Tool?
Join our private server's Discord, you'll find lots of information about how to manage and set your ...
1 363
piquibr 3-5-2022 Administrator replied
Workers/Bots on mine field and etc DIE!!!
Check out Sovereign's video
1 342
piquibr 3-6-2022 Administrator replied
Create Ice Queue
There's a bug in it, we're fixing
2 251
do****@hotmail 3-5-2022 Administrator replied
0 m/s 0 inkb/s 0 pkt - Connection Timed Out
Have you tried doing a router reboot and DNS flush? If still not working, please send us a ticket ht ...
1 310
lb****@gmail.c 3-6-2022 Administrator replied
Refund Request
Please contact customer support
1 501
xype 3-6-2022 Administrator replied
Wait so steam doesn't get the fixes and updates Vanguard has?
No, Steam version is getting the same content as the Launcher.
1 401
iv****@gmail 3-6-2022
Region Transfer
hello, I have a problem, I want to change the server, but it won't let me, and I think it's because ...
0 267
10****@qq.c 3-6-2022
由于自己操作错误,绑定错了steam账号。现在我想绑定自己的新的steam账号,该如何操作 ...
0 267
szabolcs.feher. 3-5-2022
Display FPS
Szia! Nem tudod, vannak valahol magyarok valamelyik szerveren?
1 331
vy****@rambl 3-3-2022
Перенос персонажа/Character Transfer
Ответили из поддержки, "Такого пути нет". Впрочем чего о ...
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giulioimbroinis 3-2-2022 Administrator replied
What do you mean? are you getting any error?
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wi****@g 3-3-2022 Administrator replied
Refund Request
Are you getting any kind of error?
1 335
sa**** 3-2-2022 Administrator replied
Your shared account has been restricted
Hi, unfortunately the family share option has been restricted, the only way to keep the character an ...
1 375
de****@gmail.c 3-3-2022 Administrator replied
Create Server error
Hi, please send us a ticket at
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