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akgun.erdem1905 4-7-2022
Black Stone
Kill level 5x - 60 NPCs and collect from their corpses. Blackstone does not exist in any area except ...
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ri****@gmail.c 4-3-2022 Administrator replied
Character Mistakenly Deleted
If you cant remember your password: Send us a DM on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Discord with the in ...
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PvtCarnage 4-5-2022 Administrator replied
When are the new servers coming?
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cm****@hotmai 3-31-2022 Administrator replied
March 30, 2022 (Can't Log In After Update)
You're hosting it yourself, right? Not renting server?
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j.****@g 4-2-2022 Administrator replied
GOOD NEWS: Lawsuit Dropped!
Still going, that's with Tencent
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ma****@gma 3-26-2022 Administrator replied
Can't Login Game
We did another maintenance last night, please let me know how it goes
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li****@g 3-29-2022 Administrator replied
Will the game return to steam
Unfortunately, we can't give an estimation on when it'll be back on steam. We're also working on new ...
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da****@h 3-28-2022 Administrator replied
No recuerdo la contraseña de mi pj
Mandanos una mensaje en twitter/facebook/instagram o Discord con estas informaciones: 1- nombre de p ...
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miacassandraven 3-27-2022 Administrator replied
cant level up skill to master level
Should be just a visual bug. Can you please tell me your char name and server number?
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je****@gm 3-24-2022 Administrator replied
update fail
Please try again, we just cleaned the cache
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ro****@comcast. 3-15-2022 Administrator replied
Neutral Camps broken
There's a temporary fix for this issue: Solution: 1. Backup of the folder: /MOE/Saved 2. New install ...
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me****@online. 3-18-2022 Administrator replied
Is there again a sale?
thanks for the answer
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10****@qq.c 1-22-2022 Administrator replied
Please send us a ticket
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Kokon 3-8-2022
Winged Hussars - Polska gildia rekrutuje
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be****@lenhardt. 3-18-2022 Administrator replied
need some help with image sharpening please read!
Hi, please send us a ticket:
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Globejet 2-13-2022
Serveur FR
Serveur mis à jour
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fl****@outlook 3-17-2022 Administrator replied
Setting to build into ground
Oh, I see. Well, check out our discord server for private servers, there are tons of information and ...
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ju****@gm 3-13-2022 Administrator replied
Can you pickup existing crafting stations?
Not available yet
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jo****@goog 3-14-2022 Administrator replied
The update is actually 34gb, the disk space needed is 80gb
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ke****@ 3-12-2022
Wood Sutra?
I've picked up several Wood Sutras that appear to be learning aids, maybe, for certain building piec ...
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