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ja****@gmail 11-22-2022
Spanish Language Update
german is the same.
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ja****@gmail 11-23-2022 Administrator replied
Server Change, dont understand
You can reclaim all the buildings you have built and move it to another server
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BabaYaga 11-17-2022
I'm sick of losing packages
technical support will work or not? we have problems with packet loss in the game. on the 6001 serve ...
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od****@ 11-18-2022
Italian language
fixed Italian language thanks
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po**** 6-21-2022 Administrator replied
Offline Play
Hello everyone one of my favorite games to play it can be played both offline and online. Overwatc ...
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BabaYaga 11-12-2022
new food
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BabaYaga 11-12-2022
The game in 2 windows, the main server and the seasonal.
The game in 2 windows, the main server and the seasonal. Also nelbhodimosti improve the door, here t ...
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BabaYaga 11-11-2022
мне нужны имена серверов.
на сезонном сервере нету потерь, а на 6001 основном серве ...
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ph****@ 11-9-2022 Administrator replied
I'm reinstalling the game and it's stuck forever 100% can't complete.
Are you still having that problem? It looks like a hard disk error, try install it on a SSD could so ...
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alexandr.cherka 11-6-2022 Administrator replied
I cannot "Set Device Password" for the character
Thanks a lot!
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BabaYaga 11-8-2022
Needed update for slave traders
Also in the cart with the lettuce should be made inventory for food and cans of medicine. that they ...
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st****@hotmail 10-22-2022 Administrator replied
Wrong update process of the MoE Laucnher - cannot update the game
I had the Same Problem - it started the download then froze at 76.8% - Version 0.192.0 I closed out ...
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sl1kAd 11-5-2022
Packet loss problem.
Problem solved. I was reset my router, and now 0 packets loss ^_^. Try do it
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BabaYaga 11-5-2022
They forgot about us(
Где двойной урожай, мои рабы голодные?)
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me****@ic 5-25-2022 Administrator replied
Вылетает в главное меню
У меня аналогичная проблема, удалось найти решение?
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BabaYaga 11-2-2022
Farmer's Improvement
Farmer's improvement-the bushes that remain after harvesting the vegetable garden are destroyed, but ...
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hu****@gmai 10-29-2022 Administrator replied
Free horse traits?
Yes, it's admin feature, only because it's your server
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hu****@gmai 11-1-2022
Feedback - Horse training resets on server restart
Hey, I'm playing quasi single player by running my server and when I am done playing, I also close ...
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BabaYaga 11-1-2022 Administrator replied
New Kraft
Thank you for the suggestion! We will look into that.
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hu****@gmai 10-29-2022 Administrator replied
No peas seeds?
Yeah, the drop rate on pea seeds is low. You can find them in peas bushes though.
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