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41**** 4 day(s) ago Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
I am so exited to play with friends from other games and make others playing it @theskykillrr
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D-Rid 3 day(s) ago new
Key giveaway
Amazing game!!! I love playing and plan on having more accounts!! Love the new farming stuff! And m ...
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oc****@gmail. 5 day(s) ago new
Character missing after transfer to steam
I play on a dedicated private server hosted by Citadel. The transfer from the international vanguard ...
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41**** 2-6-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Official Trailer Released and All V1.0 Reveals
Hey guys, as the Chinese New Year is approaching, we will have a long vacation from Feb 7 to Feb 17. ...
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f.****@outl 1-31-2024
why i cannot play multi accounts anymore?
updates to a
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hi****@ 1-29-2024 Administrator replied
Will you be able to bind your game to steam?
Yes, we are making account transfers now. If you purchased the game on the website, please apply f ...
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so****@hot 1-24-2024 Administrator replied
Missing Vital Tiger Cosmetic please submit a ticket via this link
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ek**** 1-22-2024
Laggy servers
If you don't improve the servers, who is going to come to play, if there is a lag of more than 1 or ...
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su****@free 1-19-2024
Trading post/Market connection failed
Workaround for me.... 0. Empty char, minimize risk 1. Commit suicide 2. Go to the trading post We ...
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er****@gma 1-14-2024
compre el juego
Hola, he usado para traducir así que perdonad mi español. Si compraste el juego antes y ...
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Dreadarm 1-14-2024
Dedi server Query protocol
Does anyone know the query protocol for getting game stats via the query port?
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b.****@posteo 1-13-2024
Download Game
It looks like they pulled the download links to the client some time ago.Maybe a buddy can share the ...
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ki****@g 1-12-2024
Steam/VS Webkey?
I'm not sure about being forced to buy it on Steam, unless you have a need for 2 copies? Anyway: ht ...
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ga****@hotma 1-2-2024
No Fastasy in this game
The game has always been marketed as a Fantasy game from the start. It's not even moving from low to ...
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jorge.fminguito 12-16-2023
Wipe on 1.0
Good afternoon everyone, Just one fast question, Will the game on the 1.0 release, have a wipe on t ...
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sb.lemaitrecu3e 12-16-2023
Basic ressources stronghold
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