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Midnait 6-17-2022 Administrator replied
Пинг 1000
We're aware of this issue with an internet provider in Russia, we're working to find a permanent sol ...
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tu****@gm 6-10-2022 Administrator replied
private servers. to developers
Thank you very much for your feedback! Already answered your other post.
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SorrowBlaade 12-29-2021 Administrator replied
Reset device Password
In the same day, a couple of hours max
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z8****@gmail 6-4-2022
npc level tag
There are different colors indicating the quality of a Warrior, grey, green, blue, purple, gold, and ...
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vb****@y 6-5-2022 Administrator replied
Launcher link not working
Did you already send us a ticket here?
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ki****@g 5-11-2022 Administrator replied
Server hosting?
Yeah sadly same deal i'm afraid also it's a off brance of zap hosting lol. I'll likely end up w ...
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BabaYaga 6-2-2022
нету переводов квестов!!!!
нету переводов квестов!!!! как мне их выполнить? ввели и ...
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dm**** 5-31-2022 Administrator replied
Ingame Password reset
Please either send a ticket here: with this info: 1- Your character's name 2 ...
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st****@gmail.c 5-29-2022 Administrator replied
Problem creating character
Please send us a ticket so a dev can help you out:
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we****@h 5-26-2022 Administrator replied
failed update 0.117.0
i did it 3 days ago and no answer until now how long i have to wait ??
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Grotesque 5-29-2022
Bug related to the intermediate Drill ground
nvm found the answer, when you put npc on the ground its working when only a human player is on the ...
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wolfernis 5-28-2022
WarDogs Roleplay 18+ (x2) no wipe
- Fresh Launch Server: May 26'th 2022. - 2x Rates - 30 Slot Server - No decay - Max Warriors 20 (20 ...
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christiaan_scoo 5-1-2022 Administrator replied
My friend's server shows 0ms latency in the server list and i cannot join him
Unfortunately, I'm unable to give an estimation, but it is possible to migrate from Steam to Launc ...
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darkmasteriusak 5-23-2022 Administrator replied
Problem with email
Please send us a ticket on This way we'll check out directly whats going on a ...
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lukallus 12-18-2021 Administrator replied
Please send us a screenshot on discord: Or send us a ticket: https: ...
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Marikin 1-3-2022 Administrator replied
восстановить пароль
Please either send a ticket here: Or reach one of the ministers (including ...
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os****@inbox.r 5-21-2022 Administrator replied
Please either send a ticket here: Or reach one of the ministers (including me ...
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wolfernis 5-20-2022
Roleplay x2 server ,all welcome, EU 40 slots steam/nosteam
Hey me and my bud are working on roleplay server ,its currently on 24/7,hosted of my pc,server n ...
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ra****@gma 5-15-2022 Administrator replied
Servers Steam
About binding accounts, check out this link: ...
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artem.lipin.199 5-13-2022
[RU/EU] [EmpireFun] [X10] [Steam/No Steam]
We invite all PvP lovers in **Myth of Empires** to the new server **EmpireFun**, survival in the era ...
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