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Cerberus 12-27-2021 Administrator replied
Horse/ Mount Spirit Pill, Where/ When
100k its realy cheap you should buy if u see! Last week i saw 5 offer... 13 pills in sum : each pi ...
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e.****@mail. 5-25-2022 Administrator replied
Some problem with content on web pages
nice post
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st****@we 6-19-2022 Administrator replied
Strong bone
Strong bones can be used to make enhanced buildings. It is a very valuable crafting material.
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adathornes 12-15-2021 Administrator replied
cant buy the game anymore?
its not available through humble bundle anymore
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ti****@gmai 7-1-2022 Administrator replied
I lost all
Sheriff its fatal error. insufficient, more people is angry and lose all. Me too and next 4 friends. ...
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ba****@bl 6-30-2022 Administrator replied
Is Reshade allowed in the game?
Hi, I have started the game on the 1 official game server, so may continue on that, although I am n ...
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ju****@gmai 6-30-2022 Administrator replied
New arrows and perks translation
Increase damage caused by long bow and short bow towards heavy armored target. The one on the top is ...
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ra****@gma 6-27-2022 Administrator replied
Looking for an unofficial PvE server to play on
Join our Private Servers discord, you'll find lots there:
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ta****@gmai 6-25-2022 Administrator replied
How do I Deactivate my account please?
You need to input an email address in the first box, after that click the Chinese word "获取验证码 ...
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na****@mai 6-25-2022 Administrator replied
Need help!
I re-created the character, and put it in the cells in all this fire and changed the nicknames of th ...
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mi****@ho 6-26-2022 Administrator replied
Can't switch everything to english?
Unfortunately, there's still some text to be translated, but we're catching up
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ma****@yah 4-12-2022 Administrator replied
download launcher
You're not able to download or the download is freezing?
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d.****@yan 3-3-2022 Administrator replied
Как купить
Unfortunately it stopped working, so we had to remove it
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ja****@hot 6-25-2022 Administrator replied
I Didnot Received Season 1 Rewards
Please send us a ticket here
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carboninsanity2 6-26-2022
Unable to Link Steam with International Account
Hi, Is there any way to get support apart from the Cutomer Service link ?? I am trying to link my ...
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golden_boy_1234 6-23-2022 Administrator replied
How do I get past the "set device password" screen?
Thank you so much my friend!!!!
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ch****@ 6-23-2022 Administrator replied
Still ongoing
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mr****@gm 6-13-2022 Administrator replied
Broken Tutorial
have you tried doing what I wrote above?
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an****@gmail 6-18-2022 Administrator replied
как перейти к вам на офф лаун
Hi, are you still having this issue?
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tu****@gm 6-12-2022 Administrator replied
server players
thank you . Pay attention to notes. We are already waiting for your creativity in our servers. yo ...
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