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mi****@mail. 10-20-2022 Administrator replied
Steam версия
я не могу выполнить второй шаг (2、Launch Steam, launch the Myth of Empir ...
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BabaYaga 10-21-2022 Administrator replied
Rare Buildings Transfer Fuection
Thank you for the feedback! We will look into that.
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tr****@mail.r 10-16-2022 Administrator replied
Не существует сервер(округ)
Попытка не удалась. Когда пытаешься воскресить, через ...
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vi****@ist- 10-13-2022 Administrator replied
scythe chariot
Ahhhhh Thank you very much.
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tz****@gm 10-1-2022 Administrator replied
contact support You can contact the customer service here
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da****@timeques 5-10-2022 Administrator replied
Skins from the store on private servers
Hey, guys. Have there been any updates since then? I’d be really grateful for your help on that, ac ...
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nata.chuprakova 9-23-2022 Administrator replied
Проблема со входом в игру
Hi there! Are you still having this issue?
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paisleymairevol 9-20-2022 Administrator replied
Log in to the official server, and you will see the button
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ta****@gmai 9-13-2022 Administrator replied
Qin's cape not showing on my character when worn
wow. - thank you. Seems obvious now that you say that - but why win just a skin. Seems almost rude ...
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BabaYaga 9-11-2022 Administrator replied
No answer from tech support
Now what am I supposed to do? Every time I jump out of bed, do I throw everything off myself in a dr ...
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quiquegonzalez2 9-1-2022 Administrator replied
No consigo crear personaje
I am assuming you are stuck at Set device password section. If so, You need to input an email addres ...
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re****@gmail 8-30-2022 Administrator replied
Sorry, we do not have 'flight' options in the game right now, but we might consider add similar feat ...
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ar**** 7-12-2022 Administrator replied
Binding Russian account to international launcher
Sorry that you can not bind mygames account to our international account. We are working on other ...
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ga****@hotma 8-15-2022 Administrator replied
Myth of Empires in Epic games store
Hi there, Thank you for your suggestions. We are working on it, but we can not make any promises yet ...
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vi****@ist- 8-3-2022 Administrator replied
Horse Obedience
I'v catch a horse. Give it do the warrior "trainer" and rise his skill with low lvl horse training. ...
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ga****@hotma 8-6-2022 Administrator replied
Any new update or DLC soon?
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sa****@gm 3-14-2022 Administrator replied
Can't create player
Most likely a problem where its loaded on your PC. I have multiple drives and had to move it to a d ...
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ig**** 7-8-2022 Administrator replied
No code verification
Same problem, I enter the code and get an error that the code is not entered, the problem is repeate ...
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ri****@gmai 4-6-2022 Administrator replied
Combat/Balance is Super Janky
Oh, too bad, I was really hyped to buy and play it with dozen of friends. First look was suprisingly ...
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vi****@ist- 7-12-2022 Administrator replied
Question about Guild depot
Thank you very much.
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