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TeRyn 11-26-2021
Help: Character is gone, deleted?
Is there any support available for restoring lost chars?[/backcolor]I was exiting out of the game an ...
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juanju 11-25-2021
Has anyone found where honeysuckles can me gathered? i have been riding for hours trying to look for ...
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thenoidone 11-25-2021
npc crafting
Can someone please clarify how the npc crafting works, if you have an npc work at a station? someone ...
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BobbyKeystrokes 11-25-2021
Max Level?
Is there a level cap in this game? If so what is it?
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Park 11-24-2021
Custom server not starting back up
Hi all, I have made a custom server and it has worked for around a day or so till i decided to tweak ...
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verstholen 11-24-2021
Server not found
Hello[/backcolor] Unable to reach a server by the "last connection" function or not its name. It no ...
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MVP 11-23-2021
Third Time this happened
My Guild mates and I close all the doors and go to sleep on the beds, but when we wake up all our st ...
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logan9a 11-23-2021
Remapping the 'collect' key
It is currently 'e'. How do I remap it? I did not see the option within the 'remap keys'.
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AimPoint___ 11-23-2021
First of all great game! Can't help but feel this is very similar to Conan and mount and blade. Whic ...
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LippsForHer 11-23-2021
warrior life force
Anyone know how to refill a warriors life force or what item is needed to do it in the tent?? Thx
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Hoxton 11-23-2021
Warrior Drill Skill
My guild mates and I have tried figuring out how to add a drill master to an existing warrior traini ...
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jonigoto 11-23-2021
Alimentar trabajadores
Buenas, Como se debe hacer para que coman los trabajadores de las mesas y soldados? les metemos comi ...
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Gruttor 11-22-2021
Como subir nivel del clan
Hola, alguien sabe como se puede subir?Hemos subido tecnologia, totem de clan a nivel 2, tenemos pun ...
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LaoTzu 11-22-2021
Is there a Magick System?
Does this game have Magick and Spellcasters? If so, what is the magick system like? Can I play a S ...
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FForoni 11-22-2021
Queue too long!
Just spent like two hours on less than 20 people queue and did not login yet. Anyone knows on any in ...
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techtwin 11-22-2021
Handmade Robe
Is the Handmade Robe (Twitch Drop) a one time char item ? I claimed it yesterday on Twitch but I hav ...
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LordCracker 11-22-2021
Own Server or Public Server
Hey, I started to talk with some friends and we think this game could be a good Game for us to sta ...
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Ronin_Krisis 11-21-2021
Starved Horses
So when i logged off last night my horses where fine and when i logged on this morning that had star ...
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Centurion 11-21-2021
Guild leader / Guild Tech bug
I am the guild leader and after upgrading the first guild tech, I did not get the quest completion a ...
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Drummer 11-21-2021
Great Game
Great game!!
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