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Novarock 4-18-2021
Hello Myth of Empire Team, i got witness in a stream that the shields in game are nearly useless co ...
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ItAllCostsMoney 11-20-2021
32:9 5120x1440 Support?
Does this game natively support 5120x1440 resolution with a 32:9 aspect ratio?
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Jimbou 11-18-2021
Disconnected from server after 1 min ingame
I have just downloaded the game and get about 30-60 seconds of playtime before i am disconnected fro ...
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帝国大将军 11-17-2021 Administrator replied
Myth of Empires Update Preview After the Global Closed Beta Test
Since the debut of MOE in CBT, we've kept polishingthe game to provide you with a better game experi ...
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telanto 11-15-2021
Don't sell this game to Tencent plz
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Helix 12-29-2020
Some questions...
1) Is the game an actual MMO? (i.e. thousands playing together on a "world"), or a "survival" game w ...
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Slithers 4-10-2021
Just Give Me A Key
Just give me a key.
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LordiSchnordi 6-24-2021
Game crashes
My Game crashes when i choose region, and push "Play" game just crashed. I got an old CPU AMD Pheno ...
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AnonOmega 1-14-2021
Join the Beta Button
Has anyone else had issues with the Join the BETA button? I press the button enter my email press t ...
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Vyraka 3-30-2021
More Questions
I would like to say that I am very excited about Myth of Empires! I have been looking for a game lik ...
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Novarock 4-14-2021
Music instrument
Hello every one, can you play a music instrument in MoE? If not, the devs should surely implement ...
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ALA_LITTORIA_RM 12-25-2020
Game interface translation
Hello everyone! Will the game be translated into other languages including Italian?
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BaKalu 4-12-2021
Myth of Empires is like M&B online mod?
Looks like Myth of Empires making great game and it's would be like Mount and Blades bannerlord onl ...
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Gazi 12-24-2020
Hello do you have plans to add another cultures building/armor/weapons..etc other than Asian?
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ZOO 3-18-2021
Large Groups?
Will there be a player cap on how many people can join a guild? To travel to another region or terr ...
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