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Arixon 11-28-2021
Building error bug?
Hello, first off i wanna say the game is great i love it but there is always that one thing that dra ...
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RLD 11-28-2021
Where are the comunity managers and dev posts?
Shouldn't there be some communication?
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RLD 11-28-2021
How to turn off blue text?
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Ciablue 11-28-2021
New Server Question
We just got a g portal server. all of our horses are dead for some reason. Just us? Everything is s ...
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Dreadarm 11-26-2021
Starving while offline?
Ok look starving is one thing. But to starve to death while offline is ridiculous. So far I have enj ...
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FlysEyes 11-27-2021
Horse disappearing after revive
I have tried every troubleshooting step I can think of, it will finish revive, flash the attached im ...
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Ciablue 11-27-2021
Desert Biome?
Hi, I noticed that one of the stunning wallpaper screens shows a desert biome. Would anyone happen ...
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Amazon22 11-27-2021
Server Longbei 1006 Down
Hey Team, Please can you address the situation with the Longbei country server PVE being down. Its ...
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BobbyKeystrokes 11-25-2021
Max Level?
Is there a level cap in this game? If so what is it?
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aaaa4000 11-27-2021
How activity point works ?
I am wondering anyone know what is the mechanism behind the activity point like how it earn and how ...
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Fayd 11-27-2021
Fish oil
I seem to firgue out how to make fish oil. I'm just not seeing it anywhere to craft it. Please help ...
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Fayd 11-26-2021
Unable to connect to server.
Anyone else having this issue?
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mnink 11-27-2021
bonjour je cherche la clé pour ouvrir la console pour taper les commandes administrateur sur un cla ...
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LippsForHer 11-23-2021
warrior life force
Anyone know how to refill a warriors life force or what item is needed to do it in the tent?? Thx
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HawkintheWillow 11-26-2021
Guild Deletion
I have been playing on a private server, just on my own on my own computer not a dedicated one, and ...
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juanju 11-25-2021
Has anyone found where honeysuckles can me gathered? i have been riding for hours trying to look for ...
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Avashar 11-26-2021
How about the screen resolution?
Hello question:How about the screen resolution?I play on 3 censors and on full screen the game is di ...
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TeRyn 11-26-2021
Help: Character is gone, deleted?
Is there any support available for restoring lost chars?[/backcolor]I was exiting out of the game an ...
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LordCracker 11-22-2021
Own Server or Public Server
Hey, I started to talk with some friends and we think this game could be a good Game for us to sta ...
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Park 11-24-2021
Custom server not starting back up
Hi all, I have made a custom server and it has worked for around a day or so till i decided to tweak ...
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