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41**** 2-21-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
o the developers of Myth of Empires, I am writing to you today as a professional music composer spec ...
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ka****@gma 5-28-2024 Administrator replied
Cluster server parameters
Make sure you have updated to the latest version and use the matrix server tool to open your cluster ...
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michael.thompso 5-26-2024
1.53 update server fails to start pls fix
The issue with the 1.53 update server failing to start for Myth of Empires has been reported by mult ...
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ro****@gmail 5-24-2024
If You're Worried About Finding A Reliable Nursing Report!
Thank you for sharing your experience with Nursing Report Help. It's great to hear that you found a ...
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ma****@w 5-24-2024
Hi, how can I login and play again if I missed transfer?
Hi, how can I login and play again if I missed transfer to steam? Please help.
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moerserman.gami 4-25-2024
New Nations Greeks or Persians
The addition of new civilizations such as the Greeks or Persians, and the inclusion of a Mediterrane ...
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moerserman.gami 4-22-2024 Administrator replied
My services as a translator for German version
My username is: moerserman[/backcolor]
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moerserman.gami 4-22-2024 Administrator replied
Construction system error
well, it is not allowed to put two foundations on top of each other at the moment
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moerserman.gami 4-17-2024 Administrator replied
Unfortunately the translation into German is very bad
Thanks, I don't speak English, I think pictures say more than words, I'll post everything here. I ...
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si**** 4-12-2024
Здравствуйте, я правильно понял. Те, кому не удалось пе ...
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ocastellanoh 3-28-2024
Patrolling wolf house
I placed the wolfs house and I have the option to change some settings, but I cant not place some ...
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juanjoasvespect 3-28-2024 Administrator replied
Connection to host has been lost
I got the same problem
2 750
zbigniewjakubow 3-28-2024 Administrator replied
We have closed the international transfer month ago.
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ms****@gmai 3-7-2024 Administrator replied
Please feed the New Era rabbits to get the character selection severs working
Are you still having this issue? YOu can submit a ...
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hendrikkooistra 2-27-2024 Administrator replied
Dedicated Linux Server
Yes, it is supported now. we got a dedi server channel on our discord, you can find more useful int ...
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oc****@gmail. 2-20-2024 Administrator replied
Character missing after transfer to steam please submit a ticket here
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41**** 2-6-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Official Trailer Released and All V1.0 Reveals
Hey guys, as the Chinese New Year is approaching, we will have a long vacation from Feb 7 to Feb 17. ...
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f.****@outl 1-31-2024
why i cannot play multi accounts anymore?
I think: Tougher censorship policy or check again for updates
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hi****@ 1-29-2024 Administrator replied
Will you be able to bind your game to steam?
Hi, how can I login and play again if I missed transfer?
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so****@hot 1-24-2024 Administrator replied
Missing Vital Tiger Cosmetic please submit a ticket via this link
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su****@free 1-19-2024
Trading post/Market connection failed
Workaround for me.... 0. Empty char, minimize risk 1. Commit suicide 2. Go to the trading post We ...
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