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dealtime 12-1-2021
Dedicated Server Tool no 0.15 update*fix*
Hi, I host a MoE dedicated server on my own server, but since the patch 0.15 was released, the Dedi ...
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VYMka 12-1-2021
Steam authorization error
Second day Im getting this error after clicking connect to official server. Barely can play. Any ide ...
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maxkramyou 12-1-2021
Cannot open customer server: ERROR
I keep getting this error when attempting to start a customer server: [2021.11.30-12.13.19:301][ 0 ...
0 271
Kodarin 12-1-2021
Twitch Drops for Private Servers
After linking my account, watching 3 hours of a drop enabled stream, and ensuring everything was cla ...
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logan9a 11-23-2021
Remapping the 'collect' key
It is currently 'e'. How do I remap it? I did not see the option within the 'remap keys'.
3 468
Raptorius 12-1-2021
Farming/Soil porosity
I've seen people farm on plot lands with i think wheelbarrow and adding npc to plot lands with a sma ...
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Coldshine14 12-1-2021
I need DEV help!!! Please!!!
I need DEV help as I can't login to my server because it's constantly full with a queue of 30-40, pl ...
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furq 12-1-2021
Blocking bridges
whats the rule about guilds blocking bridges?, several of the bridges on eu Peishan you are unable t ...
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Demonzoro 11-27-2021
Spinning Wheel
Hello everyone! I am on quest "Press E to use a spinning wheel." I did press E on the spinning whee ...
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Yasuke 12-1-2021
Rule conflict
We have run into an issue with another guild that says we are not allowed to have a saltmine. I thin ...
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TheBooBoo 12-1-2021
Update Paused
Hi, new here (very, very new). I know people were having issues yesterday, but I haven't gotten to t ...
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jslx 12-1-2021
For a game built around war and building it does combat & building worse than almost any survival mm ...
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Zenamanthul 11-30-2021
Asia English server
Is there any servers in Asia where the players predominantly speak in English? I hardly speak any Ch ...
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wasd 11-30-2021
Colonel directors protective gear
Where do I find the colonel director armor suit? Sorry I am very confused
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juanju 11-30-2021
Connectivity issues
Is it just me or is the official game server broken? The maintenance update ended an hour ago but ev ...
1 356
remotegamer 11-30-2021
Server maintenance
How long untill the game server is back up? The game server has been down for the last three hours. ...
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Cptn_Plucky 11-20-2021
Question for boundary flags/statues.
So my question is how does the guild boundary statue work? The flags are simple, make one,place one ...
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conquer 11-29-2021
admin is rude and abusive[/backcolor]s s I [/backcolor] [/backcolor]
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iLyndrathyl 11-28-2021
Problem Breeding Rabbits
I set up a rabbit pen, got a male and female. The "mood" of the rabbits started at about 59%. I have ...
0 428
MashedMangos 11-28-2021
Structure bench?
hello, i am new to this game but have thousands of hours in games similar. i was playing last night ...
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