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isengardobaking 11-27-2021
are allowd destroy construction with mobs in PVE?
Hello, I have a problem with some players in a PVE server, I made a construction with a mine hut in ...
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frostedawg 12-4-2021
Not availible in us on steam?
i tried going to buy this and it does not show up on steam... tried direct link to the page and it s ...
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Kraug 12-4-2021
Cancel Warrior
Hi all, I wanted to join a pvp server but found out I had to get to level 16 before I could then tra ...
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Lord_Sundering 12-4-2021
Using Guild depot and Internal Affairs
Hey, so i can see the request items to the members and what rank they need to deposit in depot. But ...
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Hemlocks 12-4-2021
Will there be a server wipe on release?
Anyone know if the devs plan of doing a full server wipe before release? If so, than no reason to bu ...
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The_Wulfy 12-4-2021
[SERVER] "Haven NA - 10x All"
Very chill population. No admin drama/admin stays out of your way. Would love to grow and see more f ...
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Calypso 12-4-2021
Buscamos jugadores eu
Uniros a nuestra Comunidad de juegos, aquí encontrarás jugadores para jugar a tus juegos .Estamo ...
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Gpauxe 12-4-2021
All servers in the region I'm in are 1000ms delay and don't let me log in
Hi all, I've been trying to log in to play today and was greated with an inability to log in, just ...
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TheCanadianKila 11-17-2021
Please DO NOT allow Asia to access NA Server!!
I swear just like ANY other Sandbox Survival Game the Asian Players will come in with there already ...
6 1952
Blither 11-27-2021
Mouse Cursor Unplayable
Mouse cursor is so far behind mouse movements it's unplayable. Even on the loading screen without be ...
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Geekbee 12-4-2021
Myth of Empires Dedicated Server
Hello i think its not finish where is the configfile for Servernam ...
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dee0267 12-2-2021
multiple monitors
Does anyone else play with 2 screens? The game always opens on my second screen. I have changed it t ...
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Cndneye 12-4-2021
Recruiting for clan/tribe
Recruiting English speaking players with no experience to learn and enjoy game. Play however you lik ...
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VYMka 12-2-2021
[From games developer] I really like game and concept, but...
But i can not force myself play it after 4 days and level 30. And here is why - CONS: 1. All action ...
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Mnbluepits 12-3-2021
Horses Spawning dead
Hello all, On my Private run server Black Bush Cursed Lands the Horses Seem to be spawning in dead. ...
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Tamayona 12-1-2021
Training Horses
I have over 200 fodder in my stable and when I use my warrior to train I get the incefficient food m ...
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Burgh 12-2-2021
Same issue
Please respond people can't play with friends why make a guild based game
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CHOLEK 12-3-2021
''The connection with the server has been lost''
| ENGLISH | I've been trying everything for 2 days to get in to play. I go in to play and after a m ...
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VYMka 12-2-2021
In queue:5 for 1 hour? Really?
Dear developers, Your servers capacity is 100 people per server only. So how in the hell do we even ...
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FourSkinTim 12-1-2021
Can't move server with friends or delete character
Why can't I join my friends province or whatever its called? And I can't even delete my character. I ...
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