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BabaYaga 12-6-2022
NPCs on horses
Very strange that there are no mobs on the horses, it should also be corrected, as well as on elepha ...
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wo****@gmail.c 12-5-2022 Administrator replied
Connection Timed Out
Please try use a VPN to log in.
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BabaYaga 12-2-2022
Сервера сильно логают, посто...
Сервера сильно логают, постоянное откидывание назад!!!! ...
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ad**** 11-30-2022
I will buy an elephant expensively
Куплю слона дорого, главное чтобы параметр с сумочкой ...
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go****@yand 11-27-2022 Administrator replied
пропали ресурсы при переезде Please submit a ticket here
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vi****@ist- 11-23-2022 Administrator replied
Server take down -again ....
Thank you very much.
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BabaYaga 11-27-2022
You can't move balists to a new server when you move.
You can't move balists to a new server when you move.
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mc****@ho 11-25-2022
так же на пве серверов не должно быть других игроков - к ...
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re****@gmail 11-25-2022
Losts because we are forced to Change Server
еще и вылеты, я вообще против , что бы китайцы были на на ...
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re****@gmail 11-25-2022
Fair on private server
After the EU server problems with occupied fields and mines of Chinagamers on server 55 and all the ...
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re****@gmail 11-25-2022 Administrator replied
Which Servers will be closed?
Thank you for fast answering
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lo****@l 11-25-2022
Server adjustements
oh ok, thank you kindly!
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ja****@gmail 11-22-2022
Spanish Language Update
german is the same.
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ja****@gmail 11-23-2022 Administrator replied
Server Change, dont understand
You can reclaim all the buildings you have built and move it to another server
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BabaYaga 11-17-2022
I'm sick of losing packages
technical support will work or not? we have problems with packet loss in the game. on the 6001 serve ...
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od****@ 11-18-2022
Italian language
fixed Italian language thanks
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po**** 6-21-2022 Administrator replied
Offline Play
Hello everyone one of my favorite games to play it can be played both offline and online. Overwatc ...
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BabaYaga 11-12-2022
new food
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BabaYaga 11-12-2022
The game in 2 windows, the main server and the seasonal.
The game in 2 windows, the main server and the seasonal. Also nelbhodimosti improve the door, here t ...
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BabaYaga 11-11-2022
мне нужны имена серверов.
на сезонном сервере нету потерь, а на 6001 основном серве ...
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