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er****@gma 1-14-2024
compre el juego
Hola buenas, yo compren el juego por primera vez en su primer lanzamiento, querria saber si a este r ...
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Dreadarm 1-14-2024
Dedi server Query protocol
Does anyone know the query protocol for getting game stats via the query port?
0 445
b.****@posteo 1-13-2024
Download Game
I purchased the game from the website last year. Where can I currently download the game?
1 501
ki****@g 1-12-2024
Steam/VS Webkey?
So if we purchased the websites version after it was removed off steam are we forced to buying a ste ...
1 533
ga****@hotma 1-2-2024
No Fastasy in this game
Hi, Dev Please, keep this game away from fastasy element. I don't think that makes sense machine w ...
1 446
jorge.fminguito 12-16-2023
Wipe on 1.0
Good afternoon everyone, Just one fast question, Will the game on the 1.0 release, have a wipe on t ...
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sb.lemaitrecu3e 12-16-2023
Basic ressources stronghold
Hello, i don't understand why my lumber, granary or other basic ressources stronghold nerver give re ...
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