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furq 12-6-2021
Is there any way to get high quality flax, other than growing low and hoping for better seeds ?, bec ...
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Egor4uk62 12-5-2021
I can't connect to the of server password connection error
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NagaoKagetora 12-6-2021
Guild permissions issue
Currently the authority to change ranks of structure, demolish structure is set to Elite or higher r ...
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IrishRebel12 12-4-2021
Rare Chest Key
I have asked steam discords everything ( havent got any information about them) Does anyone here kno ...
5 1897
KonradCurse 12-4-2021
There is no game in the Steam list
Good afternoon. When I try to go to the game page in Steam, I get to the main page. Please tell me t ...
8 1964
Amanda 12-5-2021
Poor Sanqi?
Hello, Where can i find poor Sanqi ? I'm searching. But i cant find it.
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VYMka 12-5-2021
[Priority Issue] Guild trading post
Dear developers, Every day Im having connection time out after trying to use guild trading post. Do ...
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Dyu 12-4-2021
I have been looking nd searching for snakes to make the potion. If anyone knows any information on t ...
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blindobi 12-5-2021
I can not find where to make rubber, I believe you need resin. Thank You for any help.
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Sloocky 12-5-2021
Glory Points
How can I earn the Glory Points ?
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ElonMuskyBoi 12-5-2021
[NA] Last Empire Weekend PvP 4x
Server Name: Last Empire PvP [/backcolor]Weekends[/backcolor] [/backcolor] What we Offer:[/backcolor ...
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Camira 11-21-2021
Question about Guild depot
How do i put horses in it?
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baitzashul 12-5-2021
Hello, I have a problem with my crafting points and i said its better if i can reset them. I have se ...
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Dirty 12-4-2021
Black Iron
Does anyone know where Black iron can be found?
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bookshelf 12-4-2021
Cant join any server at all. Says "Connection Timed Out"
I've tried everything. Verified files, restarted computer, uninstalled/reinstalled the game. I use ...
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V3ndeL 12-4-2021
Q: Warrior proficiency bugged?
Dear community, devs. At first i would like to apologize for low quality of my english language. Ple ...
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klonni 12-4-2021
Servers online
Hi. Can devs publish online count of servers (regions) or add it to the game so i can choose server ...
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Dirty 12-4-2021
Does anyone know how it is made?
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Calypso 12-4-2021
Buscamos jugadores
Uniros a nuestra Comunidad de juegos, aquí encontrarás jugadores para jugar a tus juegos .Estamo ...
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Kron 12-4-2021
Fankit, Can we get one for website stuffs?
I dont know if im the only one, but we would love stuff we can use for a website maybe a map or hist ...
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