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DekontraSVK 12-8-2021
Kde si viem hru zakupit
Ahoj. Bohužel byla hra MoE stažena ze steamu a není možnost ji momentálně nikde zakoupit. Až ...
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RLD 12-8-2021
Angela Game we love you! 安吉拉游戏我们爱你!
Hang in there, everything will work out!
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Znx 12-8-2021
Fr - GUILD OFFICIEL RECRUTE Bonjour a tous Je me presente Zn , je fait partie de la guild des Cafar ...
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Shaylied 12-7-2021
Private Servers shutting down??
And yet the question remains - when will the game be returned to the Steam store, and if this does ...
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Skorpeo 12-8-2021
Insane lag (since Chinese came)
ive been noticing immense lag as well so much that it is almost unplayable
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Gorodetskei 12-6-2021
Нет игры в Стиме
Что касается недавнего исключения Myth of Empires из Steam, а та ...
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ReachR 12-7-2021
Take over Strongholds?
Hey guys, kind of new to the game and was wondering if it was possible to take over NPC farms/ coppe ...
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Znr 12-7-2021
Guild Francaise recrute
L'avenire est devant nous ,Je cherche des joueurs actifs pour un roster de 4 a 8 personne merci de m ...
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christian 12-6-2021
A way I can switch guilds without having my warriors die?
I think that if you assign the NPC to any station, it survives. not sure
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Kraug 12-6-2021
Delete Boundary Marker.
Once you level your guild to level 4, you need to upgrade guild skill and look at Internal Affairs. ...
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Bxsti973 12-7-2021
One-Way Transfer to "New" Servers
Hey, I was wondering if maybe there could be a way to implement a "one-way" travel to new servers, a ...
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Gentlefiend 12-5-2021
Chat Not Working!!
same here
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agent 12-6-2021
Wanted to buy - where
Hello, I want to buy the game, but steam has not allow it anymore. Is there any other platform to b ...
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ledorionbg 12-6-2021
find some bugs 1-When you atack rubel NPC with my NPC(my npc faith whit bow ) i do not take comman ...
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juanju 12-6-2021
I recently discovered materials in the desert, but it got so hot my character died. Is there any way ...
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IAMPAT 12-4-2021
Twitch Drop claimed but never appeared
Same here
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TruVis 12-6-2021
Russian language
hello, I would like to know when a full-fledged Russian language is taught, otherwise it is generall ...
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OverLord 12-6-2021
Neutral Camp Merchants
Hello. Does anyone know how to level up merchants in neutral camps. They all level 1 and only 4 chea ...
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stefanhovels 12-6-2021
Game not starting
Hello i just tried to start the Game several Timens and it doest start and i get no Errormessage. ...
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ElonMuskyBoi 12-6-2021
Last Empire [Weekend PvP 4x]
Last Empire PvP Weekends[/backcolor] [/backcolor]What we Offer:[/backcolor] - 24/7 uptime[/backcolo ...
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