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mr_mars 12-11-2021
'Merica Alliance
Hello Everyone. I have recently started a new guild in Jiafu county. Im looking for new members fo ...
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Oshric 12-7-2021
Arcane Guild is recruiting - Smart Team Orientated Players
would you be interested in a cross-server alliance?
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Beaubiggz 12-11-2021
More weapon options
Can we please have thw ability to swap between two two-hand weapons? I don't mean use them at the s ...
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Kraug 12-10-2021
Movement speed problem.
Sometimes after gathering materials and unloading them at home I've noticed that my movement speed h ...
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Panikys 12-9-2021
и все же где можно купить игру?
Паблишер и дистрибьютор видимо нужен, брат. Я думаю ско ...
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Bruskie 12-9-2021
Come join Heathens!
Como eu posso comprar o jogo
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janariaqwq 12-8-2021
Abuse and Bullying
Thank you, should work now. Had no idea
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krroe 12-10-2021
Exploits/Cheese methods
When is this game going to fix the fundamental issues it has? I love this game so far, have put 182 ...
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Karel 12-9-2021
Help me understand
Hi I need to know how armor and dmg works. We tested armor with with 300 stats and armor with 1300 ...
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Fiksatorz 12-9-2021
Problem logging into the game
Thanks helped
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Poligraf 12-8-2021
Fighting animals.
Big plus here - naturally, we compare this game to Conan Exiles - and animal taming and companionshi ...
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wolfernis 12-8-2021
Wolfernis pack den private (EN) pve/pvp 18+ server
Hey i have opened up a private chill(18+ENG) x10 /pve/pvp 20 slot server at the moment its only m ...
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Goodheal 12-8-2021
Suche nach Mitspieler DE
Werden wir uns mal anschauen
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Arixon 12-8-2021
Looking for members :)
Hello! The MingDynasty guild is looking for members. active and consistent in loging everyday. Mic i ...
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Dathurt 11-27-2021
Roof Issues
I found another workaround. Set the piece you want. It will appear incorrectly. Stay in the same p ...
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christian 12-7-2021
switched guilds, cant open gates/doors/use tables/ect
Sounds like someone needs to reset the command authority. When you build something, interact with it ...
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Jurriq 12-5-2021
Where o build following buildings?
Basic shed I can help with. Unlocked at level 38 it is designed to automate the farming system. Take ...
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Kraug 12-6-2021
Mining Help.
You get this sorted? On the chance you didnt, have your NPC follow you. Move into proximity of the ...
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Sokralnii 12-5-2021
And where can I download the game?
Hello there. Devs are trying their best to return game back on to steam market as soon its possibl ...
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Sparkplug 12-8-2021
Blocking ressources
Hello, Could you specify "Signal" ? So i can help you further answer your question. Thanks.
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