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VYMka 12-16-2021
Medicine bugged too? Fix please!
My medicine skill is 520 ATM with 29% chance of getting extra medicine and increased efficiency of c ...
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LOBO01 12-15-2021
Problemas en steam
Hola buenas nose si a otras personas le abra pasado que les a desaparecido el juego de su biblioteca ...
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VYMka 12-15-2021
Total absence of logic and common sense or animals feeding nightmare!
The most hated and time sink activity in game for me right now is animals feeding. I'm spending lite ...
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Pidlidoom 12-15-2021
SuperGame But
Ahoj, hra vypadá skvěle, ale steam prodej zakázal. Dá se hra koupit jinde? (omlouvám se, ale mo ...
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bakon2 12-15-2021
Private Server List not populating
This has happened a couple of times. The first time I exited and restarted and the list was there... ...
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Tokigawa 12-12-2021
Guild Basic Granary
Claiming is usually based on some kind of a building located on the disputed territory, you can usua ...
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Pisceous 12-9-2021
Fateful Knights by Re:Envision Ent.
Bumping Post
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vaynee 12-12-2021
Please how can we get the game???
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heinuwang 12-14-2021
作为一个曾经的陪石海打游戏的黑奴,我来说说蜗牛为什么要向Steam投诉,让帝国神话下架; 本人在蜗牛其实 ...
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PvtCarnage 12-14-2021
Can't use fair, Help?
anyone know what cuases fair not to work? everyone else in guild can use just fine, the hold E does ...
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PvtCarnage 12-14-2021
Controller support coming (See pic)
Ment to say is it coming
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Sebastian 12-14-2021
Clan Latinoamericano Reclutando
Hola que tal , quiero adquirir el juego pero no puedo hacer la compra directamente de la pag esta y ...
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Sebastian 12-14-2021
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Enapets94 12-13-2021
Sell ​​MOE directly?
First of all Steam is required by LAW to take a game from the storefront when a notice of copyright ...
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Bruskie 12-11-2021
Recruitment Problems
Hello, I currently run a small guild myself with the same recruitment issues were all having, but I ...
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reanor 12-12-2021
[Tech Support] Memory Leak
Bonjour je voudrais savoir si le jeu sortira sur PlayStation
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LMRig 12-12-2021
Let us buy on your website or something
It's early access, it makes no difference how far ahead people are. They will be wiped anyway. The ...
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ggarzelli 12-11-2021
Vanishing Peons on farms
We have the same problem, I don't know what triggers it but they always disappear after a while. Onl ...
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AdamArthur_91 12-9-2021
New UK based semi-serious Guild.
Hi There, COuld you help me move to the EU server? Im english but started in Zedong county like an ...
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bryandata 12-11-2021
Se recluta Latinos/ Tambien hay españoles
Fluffy Power [NA PvP] Somos un grupo pequeño de jugadores con ganas de divertirse, ayudar y pasarl ...
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