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sc****@gmail. 5 hour(s) ago new
the chat does not work
the chat does not work I clicked on the player's nickname RMB and the 2nd line. Now I don't see wha ...
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cm****@aol 4-10-2022
marauder suit
I recently used for essay writing, and their introduction was captivating. The hook i ...
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golden_boy_1234 6-23-2022 Administrator replied
How do I get past the "set device password" screen?
You can use the translation tools of google. Although it is not very precise, it is very useful. I u ...
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ki****@g 5-11-2022 Administrator replied
Server hosting?
Sorry to hear that. But I think you can try papa's pizzeria. Maybe it is useful.
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Stolas 12-25-2021
Anyone can access your resources? Fix this!!!
Good answer! ___ bitlife
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Armandopradal 12-7-2021
What's the real difference PVP/PVE
PVP (Player vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment) are two different modes of gameplay in many o ...
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VYMka 12-20-2021
How in the love of God Crafter's Bench is working?!
A possible solution is to make sure that the Crafter's Bench is within range of the damaged building ...
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od****@ 1-25-2023 Administrator replied
game development
I like provably fair games, e.g. BC Game runs its Crash game. Check it out and compete with hundreds ...
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Fanatical 11-30-2021
Screenshot / Photo mode
Just press and hold the "O" key
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j.****@g 4-2-2022 Administrator replied
GOOD NEWS: Lawsuit Dropped!
f you are faced with the fact that you need a quality site for sports betting, it is best to study a ...
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ti****@rambler.r 4-30-2023
Проблема с установкой/Installation problem
В итоге сегодня проблема решилась сама собой - просто с ...
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Vekeer 12-19-2021
Server Browser Empty
I am also having this problem it is very sad I just bought the game and cannot play as it seems to b ...
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nata.chuprakova 9-23-2022 Administrator replied
Проблема со входом в игру
Добрый день! Сегодня купил игру, скачал лаунчер а он п ...
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to****@googl 4-15-2023 Administrator replied
Is this Game still in Development or it is cancelled?
Yep, we are still here.
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bo**** 2-20-2023
Looking for Experienced players to ask questions
I can tell you almost if not everything you know. In fact if you want you can join me to play togeth ...
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te**** 2-27-2023 Administrator replied
Development terminated?
We are still here~Just focusing on what we have in our hands right now. If you got any game-related ...
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pa****@gmail. 2-18-2023
Cant Install Game
If you live in the united states you will have to use a vpn.
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ke****@h 2-17-2023 Administrator replied
problem since maintaince
Sorry for the trouble, can you send me the log file under E:\MOELauncher? it should look like "2023 ...
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vc****@gmail.c 2-15-2023 Administrator replied
Cannot install
Please try to install the game on an SSD or a larger hard drive, meanwhile close the VPN.
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mi****@mail. 2-11-2023 Administrator replied
launcher stuck
1. please install the game in a all-english installation path. 2. Install it on a SSD is highly reco ...
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