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SorrowBlaade 12-29-2021 Administrator replied
Reset device Password
In the same day, a couple of hours max
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d.****@yan 3-3-2022 Administrator replied
Как купить
Unfortunately it stopped working, so we had to remove it
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ma****@gma 3-26-2022 Administrator replied
Can't Login Game
We did another maintenance last night, please let me know how it goes
20 1264
seawolf 12-14-2021 Administrator replied
where can I buy a key
Hit the purchase button? The limited sales restriction comes off March 2 or 3rd, so if you having tr ...
14 4164
Souljah 11-26-2021 Administrator replied
Twitch Drops
pm MOD and finish!
13 1624
AnonOmega 1-14-2021
Join the Beta Button
Any1 else having this issue, disable browser addons, clear your browser cache & cookies and or try a ...
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Rylye 1-17-2022
Boundary Marker Exploit?
So if the guild is level 7, then it has the right to contain 3 collection points on the PVE server ...
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TheCanadianKila 11-17-2021
Please DO NOT allow Asia to access NA Server!!
Completely agree
6 1899
vaynee 12-12-2021
Please how can we get the game???
7 2005
iLyndrathyl 12-15-2021
Ready To Rage Quit!
Did you have an npc camp near your base? If so, ppl lure npcs to destroy your stuff. You don't reall ...
7 1682
lu****@gm 1-22-2022 Administrator replied
Setup Won't start
Works @Ate! - Using Windscribe VPN.
11 757
Hemlocks 1-26-2022 Administrator replied
Performance issues are the gamers fault. I have over 1200 hours and it runs beautifully. When purc ...
8 1038
cm****@hotmai 3-31-2022 Administrator replied
March 30, 2022 (Can't Log In After Update)
You're hosting it yourself, right? Not renting server?
7 588
frostedawg 12-4-2021
Not availible in us on steam? ...
5 1121
KonradCurse 12-4-2021
There is no game in the Steam list
Где скачать игру!?
8 1902
RLD 12-11-2021
Angela Game, please respond to these findings.
السلام عيكم شباب الي حاب يبيع الحساب فيه العبه يكلمني
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adathornes 12-15-2021 Administrator replied
cant buy the game anymore?
its not available through humble bundle anymore
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SevenStrikes 12-15-2021
Estimated wait to obtain a key or purchase?
You are not likely to ever see it go on sale on Steam or any other platform. Snail games has some pr ...
5 1533
Antigor21 12-19-2021 Administrator replied
reset the log in password
Sorry about the delay in answers, it was the most important holiday here and we were very short-staf ...
7 1623
Cerberus 12-27-2021 Administrator replied
Horse/ Mount Spirit Pill, Where/ When
100k its realy cheap you should buy if u see! Last week i saw 5 offer... 13 pills in sum : each pi ...
5 2042