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41**** 2-21-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Launch Official Forum Game Keys Giveaway Event!
Greetings players! Myth of Empires will be available on Steam very soon today! We are launching a ...
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41**** 2-6-2024 Administrator replied
Hide sticky threads V1.0 Official Trailer Released and All V1.0 Reveals
Hey guys, as the Chinese New Year is approaching, we will have a long vacation from Feb 7 to Feb 17. ...
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hi****@ 1-29-2024 Administrator replied
Will you be able to bind your game to steam?
I purchased the game from the website after it was removed from steam. When it relaunches will we b ...
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f.****@outl 1-31-2024
why i cannot play multi accounts anymore?
Hello there as the title, i would like to know the reason me and other players who used to play inte ...
3 423
sb.lemaitrecu3e 12-16-2023
Basic ressources stronghold
Hello, i don't understand why my lumber, granary or other basic ressources stronghold nerver give re ...
2 494
moerserman.gami 4-25-2024
New Nations Greeks or Persians
It was announced that new nations would come. such as the Greeks or Persians, I hope that there will ...
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moerserman.gami 4-22-2024 Administrator replied
My services as a translator for German version
I contacted Discord and didn't get a response?[/backcolor]
2 183
moerserman.gami 4-17-2024 Administrator replied
Unfortunately the translation into German is very bad
That's why you want to help here to make it better
2 211
ocastellanoh 3-28-2024
Patrolling wolf house
hi everyone, Does anyone know how the patrolling wolf house works? Thnaks,
2 285
juanjoasvespect 3-28-2024 Administrator replied
Connection to host has been lost
Hello, I have a problem, I have a dedicated server, when I create a server, it does not allow us to ...
2 198
er****@gma 1-14-2024
compre el juego
Hola buenas, yo compren el juego por primera vez en su primer lanzamiento, querria saber si a este r ...
1 218
hendrikkooistra 2-27-2024 Administrator replied
Dedicated Linux Server
Will the game get the ability to run on a linux dedicated server? Seeing windows is such a resource ...
1 393
oc****@gmail. 2-20-2024 Administrator replied
Character missing after transfer to steam
I play on a dedicated private server hosted by Citadel. The transfer from the international vanguard ...
1 247
so****@hot 1-24-2024 Administrator replied
Missing Vital Tiger Cosmetic
So I played 588 hours back when the game first launched, I completed the vital tiger outfit new year ...
1 259
ki****@g 1-12-2024
Steam/VS Webkey?
So if we purchased the websites version after it was removed off steam are we forced to buying a ste ...
1 348
su****@free 1-19-2024
Trading post/Market connection failed
The last time when I did post this topic you answered me in e-mail that it is my personal internet c ...
1 314
b.****@posteo 1-13-2024
Download Game
I purchased the game from the website last year. Where can I currently download the game?
1 301
ga****@hotma 1-2-2024
No Fastasy in this game
Hi, Dev Please, keep this game away from fastasy element. I don't think that makes sense machine w ...
1 287
michael.thompso Yesterday 22:17 new
1.53 update server fails to start pls fix
no updates on Discord no updates on Steam. When is the fix coming ? We keep asking for updates
1 81
ro****@gmail 3 day(s) ago new
If You're Worried About Finding A Reliable Nursing Report!
Hello students! If you're worried about finding a Reliable Nursing Report Help Service, I might have ...
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moerserman.gami 4-22-2024 Administrator replied
Construction system error
Unfortunately, you cannot build a foundation on a foundation to close gaps. like Ark or Conan Exiles ...
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